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Jacqui Sharples

Designer & Letterpress Printer



Chillin’ with ink

Graphic designer turned letterpress printer who's spent too many years on a mac and lost the ability to write nice letterforms! I spend most of my days working with wood type but hoping I can eventually (with practise) create some beauitful letterforms that can be turned into letterpress stationery that will impress.


Ordered a Nikko nib meanwhile still on the Gillotte. I find it good while doing the lowercase to keep going back to shapes, my O is improving a little!

Also find it good practise to make words in the lowers case, only one I like is the last him.

Looking forward to relaxing after a busy week and chillin' with ink, lots more practise needed ;)

day 2 practise

day 2 more practise


1st attempt to put pen to paper. I rush, rush, rush all day so hey I'm finding this really relaxing having to take my time! Ok there's plenty of work to do but this if the first time I've ever used a dip pen.

Using a Gillott 404 nib

1sy attempt

Second attempt below - the Os I'm struggling with, also need to work on my pen angle and try and ease of the pressure a little earlier. Couldn't resist writing hello...

2nd attempt


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