Chillicothe Grown

Chillicothe Grown  - student project

Hello! I have been working in web design for a little bit, but am really interested in getting back to the basics -- I sort of picked up learning things at an IT place and wasn't really formally taught. I'm really excited to at least be able to explain what I am doing instead of the usual 'um, you just do that because that is how it works' method.

I moved back to my hometown -- it's a small quaint area that is slowly bringing back young adults -- I feel like things are right on the edge of changing, and one of the things that really needs to be pushed is the local economy.

I want to make a website that shows this off for people.


(MY web hosting client is having issues (of course, right before I should be uploading!) but I will try again before bed. Otherwise, I'll get it up first thing in the a.m. I think I am doing this right...)