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Children's handmade goods

8/1 update

I am still working on what my brand says, does or is named so I decided to make a logo for my mom who makes some adorable childrens things. She makes them under the name Snuggle Bunny Creations, my neice, her granddaughter had a snuggle bunny that started all of this and now a baby cant be born without getting a wonderfully snuggly blanket and any other clothes/accessories my mom has time to make. 

Although I haven't gotten to the fun part of playing with the watercolor in the logo, i thought I would post my progress of the mood board. So, here it is and hopefully I have time soon to play with the colors. With a little one of my own, time is limited!

8/3 update:

So, I had a bit of a vision for fonts/feel of this that I just wasnt achieving with computer generated things so I brought out the pencil and paper. So, here are some scetches that I put together of different logo ideas. As I said, I am making this for my mom so she already picked a favorite style and verbiage but I would love any feedback! (She picked number 5 and I refined it as you can see in the second picture).



Now I will start the refining process and get it looking a bit more fun with some of those watercolors! Also, I have a few other bunny sketches that I think I will put in place of the one in the picture above. The two 'g's in snuggle need to come down and fill in the space a bit more I think, does anyone else see that too?

Update 10.31

Wow it has been a while since I have played with this. I played around with color tonight and it was great extept for an error message I kept getting when I tried to do the clipping mask. I took a screen shot of it in hopes someone could help me out? It is in the first image below. Any other thoughts or suggestions on color is certainly welcome! I am not tied to these at all.


After getting this error message I clicked yes just to see what would happen and it deleted the watercolor and the words that I was trying to apply the clipping mask to.



I don't think the white looks good...anyone else have thoughts on a color to make the words/sketch other than black?





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