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Children's book illustration | 3 Little Pigs | Kevin Foster

Thank you to Lisa Congdon for a really enjoyable class packed full of game changing advice!

Main takeaway: Communication and professionalism is more important than artistic skill.


Dear Sally,

Thanks so much for showing interest in my work and offering me the job.

Before committing, please kindly let me know:

  1. Deadline for the cover artwork
  2. Deadline for the interior illustrations
  3. How many pages the book will be
  4. Number of interior illustrations
  5. Any colors I should avoid
  6. Any specific pieces of mine that stuck out to you for the project
  7. If I will be able to share my work publicly once finished
  8. What stage the story is in
  9. Who the author is

Please feel free to give me a call if that's easier.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Cell: ###-####


Preliminary sketches.Tried to think of extra ideas. 1 am now (aren't I a hard worker?) Gonna get some sleep, power through work tomorrow (with the aid of too much coffee and possibly a Pespi power shot energy drink or whatever they're called, but I'll try to resist the urge cause my wife will get on my case about it, but how would she ever know..., but there's probably 5 cups of sugar in it anyway and my belly, so I'll just drink too much coffee and a swirly), get home and cracking on a final illustration woohoo! 








And here is the final cover...



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