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Children's Book

I am writing a children's picture book. It is a numbers book that has addition, subtraction, times and division using animals.

It is still in the very beginnings of thought. I am inspired by Dr Seuss.

I would like to create various fonts that suit each number and animals throughout the book.

Second week ... I haven't had too much time to play with my project

I think I should use pen rather than pencil for the things I am going to upload next time. I finally puchased some grid paper today.

Had heaps of trouble, couldn't download the app that Kyle suggested and couldn't see his screen on the video well enough to follow his directions - gave up a couple of times trying to vectorize my font. Ended up very messy and used vectormagic [thanks Lawrence].

I'm not at all happy with my end result due to lack of information... mind you I shouldn't complain as it didn't cost me an arm and leg to do the class.

Quite embarrassed to show you my stuff but I wanted to finish up.


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