Children Book Illustration Dream | Skillshare Projects

Chris Lai

Passion to Learn



Children Book Illustration Dream

1. What's a overall habit you want to create?

I want to eventually create a drawing childrean book illustration habit.

2. What is your slacker habit for that that habit? 

Everyday I am going to draw a doodle for 10 min. everyday or watch a video on Skillshare for learning how to draw illustration.

3. What is your sandwich? What will you do before and immediately after this slacker habit?

This will happen right after my lunch time begins and right before I eat.

4. What is your reward for doing this slacker habit? 

After doing this habit, I am going to treat myself a tea or coffee.

5. How are you going to be accountable?

I am going to call it my #dailypassion and upload my best weekly drawings to social media.


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