Children’s Interactive storybook-The Gooey, Gummy, Sweet tooth arcade

For the sweet tooth “hairy fairy” in all of us, this collection of poems will be geared towards children ages 2-7. Chew some monster’s grumble grumble gum, or boomerang gummy worms and bears, but most of all, there’s plenty of sticky candy and sweetness to share.

Objective: Make an engaging, interactive children’s application. 

Wish list:

I want to learn how to create and integrate animations, touch based interactions and make the poems into interactive “games” and activities. This seems like such a new medium, I hope to learn what is possible as much as how to "create" the ideas themselves.

I'm in the process of planning one of the poems and the activities. I'll post more comps and storyboards shortly. Thanks for checking my project out.


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