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Childhood home

I have just started illustrating my childhood home in very simple shapes. Because I'm very new to After Effects I was hoping less detail would make my learning experience a little easier.


So far I have managed to create a seperate layer for every aspect of the house in Illustrator, but it looks like I am unable to create shapes out of the vectors. I've looked online and it might be due to the fact that I'm using CS5. Hope to sort out what to do about it, because I'd like to move forward!


I have redone all the shape layers in AE, because I'm using CS5. Thankfully, my project isn't that detailed, so it wasn't that hard to recreate. So far I've played around with the anchorpoints, easy ease and tried to get the overshoot effect. I've animated all windows this way and already tried the looping and exporting on one of them. Now moving on to the rest of the house, but really curious to how you have created all the different effects in your own project. It look so awesome!

Here's my window loop:


And a screenshot of my – very organized, if I may say so – workspace in AE. Not all layers precomposed yet though.



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