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Childhood colours

I forgot to photograph the initial drawing so this is the drawing cut and taped together.... 

This is the finished drawing... Just gotta finish the colouring!!!!!!!!

Finished and ready to scan.... I'm worried about the scanning as my scanner is crap!!!!!

So I scanned it in as best I could. I managed to tidy it well but had difficulty in the offset phase due to the many colours and the bad scan... But I got there finally and checked it repeated well which it does!!! Phew... Check it out...

Experimenting with different colourways was fun and interesting to see how it changes the feel of the design....

colour way 1

colour way 2

colour way 3

colour way 4

I like the one with a light grey background although the black one is very striking! 

unit 4

I didnt really like my design on the clothes. It works better as a wallpaper! 

I noticed I'd left some white background(can you see it in the colour ways?), so I tidied that up and did some wallpaper.

This minty one would be better in a more colourful room?

I love this one below!!! 

I'm not sure about the pink... I don't really like it!

This one is cool!! but probably a bit too dark for a living space. Would be good in a bar maybe?

I don't really like how the felt tip pen marks show quite obviously in my pattern... I wasn't satisfied with it, despite all your lovely comments! thank you so much!!! x

So, I got inspired to try something out using colour on photoshop only...

This is what I came up with... a mandala doodle...

I scanned it in and played with it in photoshop and made this...

I offset it, filled in the rest and tried out the repeat!

Pretty cool...?! but a bit chaotic for me and I'm not too keen on the dense jade colour...

So, I decided to keep it simple and do something with the drawing without too much manipulation.

This is what happened and I just LOVE IT!!! Somehow it reminds me of tomatos...

Then I played around with different colour ways...

...added a background to the red... I like it!

Love this one but think with all the bluey purple, it needs some black...

Black didn't work....

I tried the orignal as a wallpaper and rotated it a bit... I thinks its too big... maybe I'll have another go tomorrow. I also might play more with my original project as I like how there's variety in the shapes....

I know this class is about making patterns out of entirely hand drawn images but I couldn't resist having a play with this and sharing it with you! I hope no one minds. 

It's so rad and inspiring, seeing everyone elses ideas, art and development. I really enjoy seeing the different amazing colour ways. X


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