Childhood Square Mile Memory Map

As an exercise in hand drawing maps, I created a map from my memory. 

I drew a map of the square mile where I grew up, from the age of 4 until I was 18 and went away to college. As I remember, the season is almost always summertime and the map includes roads, local names for intersections or points of interest, discoveries I made as a kid exploring the place on my own. Activities were also a big part of my memory such as where I rode my bike, the sledding hill, ice skating and the hay barn where I spent many hours with my sisters. A few impactful events also made it onto the map, such as where a tornado touched down when I was young. Surprisingly I also knew where to pick fruit, apples, cherries and black raspberries as shown to me by my grandmother. 

This place no longer looks like this, the houses have changed as well as who lives in them, the fruit trees and barn are gone. The house I grew up in is a different color and has been for some time. And it certainly isn't always summer. But this is how it always appears to me in my memory. Frozen in time. b722bacb


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