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Child and Youth Friendly Cities

I work for a non-profit in Vancouver British Columbia that works on policy and advocacy issues for children and youth. I have an upcoming presentation to City Staff to explain who we are, the rationale for our work, and why our non-profit is partnering with their city to make a child and youth friendly community plan that will be implemented in their bylaws and become part of their official community plan.


City staff who work directly with youth and families

Decision makers (politicians, city staff, ministers ... the government kind not the praying kind!!!)


Cities that don't plan to grow (read: don't plan for families) have limited futures and will face decline. Early indicators of a dying city are lowered school enrolment, people not walking on sidewalks, and children not playing in playgrounds.

For front line staff they struggle with finding good resources they can use in their programs. They want to be advocates in their own right for the children they care about.

The decision makers in this city see the value of meaningful engagement and want lots of buy in with their city staff. Most of the city council supports this work.


For staff, we have tonnes of resources  and we have been contracted by the city to listen to them and find out what will work best in their city to create a more child, youth, and family friendly city.

This city is not facing decline, they are being proactive and creating a child, youth, and family strategy and getting us on board early.

For decision makers we will be providing the expertise and research to inform their plan.


We have been invited to work with a community in BC and now we are presenting at a roundtable of city staff to share what we are doing and how they can help. Exciting!!!

Here's my deck

**Please note, I've had to remove a couple slides from my presentation that relate to the city we're working with. their council hasn't approved the project yet so we can't make the project public yet ;)


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