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"For The Visionary"


Inspire through passion.


Chief is an independently owned lifestyle brand from the Philippines. It mainly produces clothing and accessories for men, but also houses a few other products to complement the lifestyle it represents. Started in 2011, it has taken a lot of changes - from its main idea in its inception to the general aesthetic of the brand. Even though the brand has already found its true identity, it still strives to grow through continuing to understand the essence of the lifestyle it embodies.


Chief was established back in 2011 as a vintage menswear curator and seller, which progressed to producing its own clothes by the start of 2012. The brand name "Chief" was not your usual hard earned one. A few days before the name's founding, I was with some friends looking through all these local thrift shops for vintage sportswear clothing, it was for another brand that I'm part of. However, I realized something while looking at all these vintage clothes, there was no actual vintage menswear seller locally. Having this thought for a couple days, one night it just came to me, "Chief" suddenly went into my mind. It was perfect, it was simple and memorable. When you hear about it, you immediately think of a man, plus it has a heritage vibe which is fitting for the idea of selling vintage goods. 

So I went with it for a couple of months, it was doing good. I found vintage Stussy's, Bape's, Levi's, Neighborhood's, and more. Then after a while, I received an opportunity to expand the brand. And ever since, I really wanted to produce my own clothing. So I decided to develop the brand into a clothing line by early 2012. It was a rough start as the brand was coming from a vintage-inspired ethos. The first collection was entirely influenced by that. The problem is, I really didn't see my brand like that, so this is where the slow transformation for the brand started. 

Fast forward to today, this is what Chief has become..



"Chief" in layman's term is a title used to designate a leader, ruler - a person with superior rank or status. This is related to the brand's philosophy as a description of a visionary. The brand believes that visionaries are the ones at the forefront of humanity. They bring about change, inspiration, innovation and success. They are the true leaders, known or unknown. 


The logo is designed to express the same sentiments as the name. The brand wants it to completely showcase the idea of a visionary. The logo is influenced by Charles Darwin's Evolution of Man, it is the last creature in the progression. Consistent with the name, the logo depicts that a visionary is at the forefront of humanity. They are the most evolved and advanced in terms of character, intellect and way of living.   


"For The Visionary"

"Chief is a lifestyle brand that values visionaries. The brand looks highly of the inspired, imaginative and idealistic."

The main idea of the brand is to promote the way of living of visionaries, to embody their philosophies, and to share their success and stories. Influenced by that idea, the brand aims to inspire through its products and their presentation.  



The process of how the brand designs and creates its products is also influenced by and complements its philosophy. First, an idea is developed (e.g. Philippine Water Polo National Team), then a video concept (for the collection film) is conceptualized, which represents that same idea, and lastly, the clothes are designed to also portray the idea. In this way, each collection is consistent all throughout, and is transformed to become a total experience for the brand's customers. 


The products Chief produces follow a certain design aesthetic. Other brands have streetwear, surf inspirations, menswear, American heritage, high fashion, etc. Chief is casual menswear. It takes its inspirations from the sophistication and refinement of menswear and then fused with the element of a casual look. The brand makes sure that the blend between the two styles is flawless in each product, through different cuts, colors, garments and clothing designs. Another reason why this is the design aesthetic of the brand is, being simple and timeless, it caters to broader tastes, which we will explain further below (Target Market). 



Generally, the target market of the brand is 18-25 years old males due to the fact that they are the most open to lifestyle changes, to inspiration and to being influenced. They are also in a way, the most outgoing and adventurous. Most have no real heavy responsibilities yet, they are free to do whatever they want. This way, amongst the other males in other age ranges, the brand believes that they are the ones who will be affected best by its philosophy.

However, even though that is the primary target age range, the brand recognizes that there are a lot more people who will appreciate its idea. So because of this, Chief's secondary target market are men between the age of 26 and 33. Though, most of the men here are established already, the brand still thinks that there are those who are looking for inspiration, which it expressively provides. Plus, this is also the age range where most successful visionaries are. So it is really vital to keep them in mind because they are who Chief looks up to and gives importance to. 


Visionaries are all passionate, but not all passionate men are visionaries. However, the brand believes being passionate is a start. This is the primary customer of Chief, the passionate men. 

The passionate men can be anyone. This is the problem the brand had before, it was really hard to pinpoint the main target customer. But through time, Chief realized that a target customer can be described through behavior, not only through age, interests lifestyles, etc. People are bonded by belief, character and behavior too. If two persons have different lifestyles, but has the same level of passion for what they want and respect for each other, they become one, they become a community. This is the brand's vision, to seek and attract as much passionate people it can, to get together and create a community around them.


You might think that the idea between the 'Demographic' and 'Profile' is contradicting in a way, but it goes hand in hand still. The demographic sense influences the brand's efforts in presentation, promotion and operations. As an online-first lifestyle brand too, the primary target age-range is the immediate market for Chief, which means they are the ones who experience the brand firsthand. And then in the profile sense, it influences the brand's philosophy, design aesthetic and vibe. This makes Chief a brand. It evokes the totality of Chief as a brand. 

These are vital elements in the making of the brand, for it to be consistent and uniform in every sense. On how people can see it from the outside and within the brand. 


Since the inception of Chief as a clothing brand, it produced a couple collections already. Below you will see the collections that exhibited best the aesthetic of the brand and showed the different ideas that influence each one. The "Urban Tripper" Fall 2012 Collection, "The Struggle" Holiday 2012 Collection and "Take A Dip" Spring / Summer 2013 Collection. 

"Urban Tripper" Fall 2012 Collection

"Most people want to go to New York, some to Tokyo and probably a big chunk of people, to Paris. We have nothing against that, we too, want to experience places like those. But let us ask you first, how much of your city have you experienced already? The brand believes in putting great importance to home, and your hometown is considered as one. Get to know it, it has something more in store for all of us that any guide, book, blog, magazine or expert could ever convey. Being there, experiencing it firsthand, that.. we highly recommend.

Take a journey in your city, play the part, become an Urban Tripper."

Watch the Collection Film "A Journey In The City: Urban Tripper" here.

The collection is composed of short sleeved and long sleeved shirting, field jackets and several pouches. Pieces were designed to be appropriate for the rainy and cold days of the season.  

"The Struggle" Holiday 2012 Collection

"In this modern age, the once huge gap and space that makes it impossible to connect with people far from us is now gone. The main point of this modern connection is to make people's relationships better. However, there are struggles that even the most sophisticated kind of technology or gadget can not fix or remedy. These struggles make us human, give balance, and power to humanity. It reminds us that a relationship is a person to person bond, whatever happens. It is the joint experience of life of connected people. With every relationship, with your partner, family or friends, it is genuinely like that. There are no such thing as great relationships without the struggles.

Cherish every struggle, appreciate it."

Watch the Collection Film "The Struggle" here.

The collection includes only four pieces due to the capacity of the business at that time. A simple graphic t-shirt, two-toned long sleeved shirt and a lightweight sweater. 

"Take A Dip" Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

"For this season's collection film, we featured the Philippine Water Polo National Team to bring to you a new sport that most of us, including us, haven't really experienced yet. In making this film, we saw how enjoyable and exciting the sport is. Also, how the team is very passionate about the sport and representing the country as well.

Let this be a gateway inspiration for everyone to try out new things and ideas. Life doesn't need to be lived according to tradition, and in just one course. It is meant to be an experimental journey of sorts until you find that one thing that you are extremely passionate about. Just take a dip, you will never know what you're missing until you do."

Watch the Collection Film "Take A Dip: Philippine Water Polo National Team" here.

Following the success of the Holiday 2012 Collection, the brand created a bigger collection for Spring  Summer 2013. "Take A Dip" is composed of 11 pieces, which includes tank tops, t-shirts and short sleeved shirts. 


"The Mountaineer" Holiday 2013 Collection

This will be very conceptual as I don't have enough time to produce visuals for the collection. But I will try my best to share this upcoming collection through words. 


This collection will be influenced by the outdoors, specifically mountaineering. The brand will partner with a group of mountaineers to learn about their lifestyle. The idea is to evoke their passion for mountaineering through a short collection film and a mountaineering-inspired collection. 


This will be a short video featuring a couple of mountaineers in their domain. We will hike and trek with them for at least a day, and present what they experience while doing what they are passionate about. Chief aims to bring to life through this video their enthusiasm and love for this lifestyle, and also show how beautiful the journey is. Of course, everything will be done, while they are wearing the pieces from the upcoming Chief collection. Besides, this is still a lookbook video, turned to a mini-film. 


Inspired by this idea, it is crucial to take into account the qualities that a mountaineer is looking for in clothes. So besides the brand's usual offerings like tees, shirts, sweaters and the like, it will produce a special mountaineering anorak and a backpack to give depth to the collection. The breakdown of products is as follows; Tees - 2 designs, sweater - 1 design, short sleeve shirt - 1 design in 2 colors, long sleeve shirt - 1 design in 2 colors, anorak outerwear - 1 design and mountaineering backpack - 1 design.


Besides the usual design of clothes and philosophy, a brand has to have supplementary things that provides that extra element which makes the brand more distinct.  For Chief, here are it's brand essentials;


The Chief Motion Series is a concept created to showcase different personal styles (wearing Chief products) and interesting people at the same time. It is a video series featuring people that the brand has relationships with and also people who inspire us. Included in the feature is a short interview for each person. This way, it becomes a little bit more personal and engaging. Another constant element in every feature is the set card photo and ending - in every video. The brand gives life to the set card photo in the video. It's best to see it for yourself by watching at least one episode.

See all the Motion Series features/episodes here.


This is a small badge of the brand in every piece it produces. Usually located outside of the piece, at the bottom left. It is consistently positioned there to establish in the mind of the brand's consumers that whenever a product has that, it is from the brand. A small memory piece, to show it's a Chief product, even without openly showing the brand's name.


The brand tries its best to give importance to every detail, and one thing we think is notable in the presentation is Chief's packaging. It is not cheap to produce your own packaging due to minimum quantity requirements, but we found good a way to do it. Every product Chief produces have so much effort in it, which makes it valuable. And to give that value justice, it is best to present them to customers in an appealing way. The brand's packaging uses a school-used paper called "Manila Paper". We think it is very appropriate for the brand because, first it represents where the brand hails from, and second the color of the paper is fitting for the brand. Plus, it is easy to find and very cheap. It's something that a lot of our customers are fond of getting, it shows the brand's dedication to the littlest of details.

See the process on how Chief's packaging is made here.



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