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Name andlocation:

My name is Michael Kao. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and was raised on the eastside of Detroit. I currently reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Julius ,the other owner was born in Muntinlupa, Philippines. He was raised in Quezon City, Philippines and now resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Brand name:


Slogan/ Mission Statement

"Nothing is free, everything is earned" "We are many"

  The name Chief came from a rough translation of the word leader from both of our native languages (Mandarin & Tagalog). It was a word that defined what we could be. We do not wish for control but strive to gain the characteristics of a leader and to provide for our tribe.  

  Our goal is to not only be on calender but to build up until we are able to do more cut&sew, denim, and leather goods (not the recent resurgence of the fad but more along the lines of accessories, boots and shoe collabs). We are currently working on our 5th collection and about to begin production on our 3rd collection. 

Wordmark and Logo:

  Our wordmark logo was inspired from the Declaration of Independance. This document was important to this countries history and was the first step to us eventually becoming a super power. The men that signed this document possesed what we convey in our motto. We wish to break free of oppression and find a way to be a leader into the future and having our wordmark represent that means a lot to us. The wordmark we used above is another wordmark we use a lot it is derived from the Metal Gear video game. We use this when a block form of a logo is needed. Some examples of when we need to use it is for certain embroideries, some labels, and certain promotional flyers to catch the eye and make more of a impact compared to other items that may be present on a flyer. 

  Our main logo is actually just a representation of a Native American. We talked to local tribes and came up with a logo that best defines a Native American chief and made sure that it was not offensive to Native Americans. Although we are not Native Americans it goes along with the whole being a leader aspect of our brand. We plan on contining to show leaders of all backgrounds to better define that to our market. The logo is very easy to identify and easily connects to the name of the brand. We have named the logo, our Alpha logo because it signifies the beginning of our brand and what we stand for. The circle represents the infinite life circle and the Native American with the head dress signifies a leader that has earned battle regalia. 

Styles Guide:

Our Logo Scaled:

The process to trademark and copyright both wodmark and logo has already been started. The images of both are connected to our LLC. 

Actual product scaling:

On past hats (actual product shots)


Denier clothing labels:

My beat up friends and family iphone 5 case:


On actual shirts from our first collection (two from shoots one product shot):

Customer Profile:

  We are a lifestyle brand, which does not focus on any one particular sub-genre of streetwear or lifestyle. We make and design products that can fit into all genres that are out there. We believe that there are leaders everywhere in every group and we just want to promote and honor that. We try to find a balance in our designs in regards to demographics. For example some of our pictures tees can be taken in many different ways. A streetwear buyer might see it and relate it to a high end label flip. A lifestyle buyer might see the French text overlays and related it to a Parisian theme and layer it under a sport coat. As a brand that believes in the thought of striving to be a leader we want to bring something that everyone regardless of what label they have so they can find their own meanings in the product.

Theme For Winter/Fall 2013 Collection: 

  Our first line we put out was a introduction of our brand. It was a way for us to try and standardize our logo and wordmark. With the release of our second line we decided to make it a theme of men and gods. We put a lot of focus of actual leaders and the mythology surrounding gods from multiple backgrounds.

  Now with the release of our third line we have decided to theme it around life and death. We decided to keep the majority of it black and white to signify the dualism of beauty/life (white) and death (black). The only other color used in the collection is a red hooded fleece. The meaning behind the red is that it is a powerful color, which is able to signify both beauty/life and death. We thought of the color red as blood, which embodies both beauty/life and death. Another detail of the theme was the idea of changing seasons. Being from the Midwest we see the beauty/life of the spring and wanted to show the transition of that to death in the fall/winter. Since all energy cannot be destroyed and is only transferred we want our consumers to not just see death as an end but as a transition phase of the energy from one collection to another. 

Winter/Fall 2013 Collection:

Order form/pricing details:

Extra Credit Car Brand:

Kia Soul:

For the Kia Soul we came up with a concept of building it with lighter and stronger materials. We thought the shape of the car was a little odd so we focused on the contours and how we could make those look more  stream line. We chose to go with a bright red to highlight details of the car. The darker black would be a gloss, while the lighter black would be a matted black. The colors used on the car are the only colors we used in our Fall/Winter 2013 line.  The idea was, "what would the car look like speeding past you." We wanted that red to pop out and trail as it drove past you. We were going for the Akira motocycle scene motif. We then chose to go with our logos in white just so they would pop out a little more then the other colors. We think that it also helps to break up the two colors of red and black. For the headlights, we wanted to fog red and have the bulbs made in the street legal colors so that when they arent in use they would flow with the car (We showed this by making it a orange color which is a mix of yellow and red). Lastly we wanted to design it like a car we would drive ourselves, so we kept it clean and classy. We didn't want to do a all over print because it's cheesey nor did we want our brands name big on it because why would the owner drive around a promo car. John Varvatos did the collab on the 300 and you barely see his name on the thing.  

For our second car idea we decided to go with a car that comes out of the big 3 to represent our state. Intead of going with anything too fancy we decided to treat this extra credit like we do our brand and look towards the future with a hybrid car. We chose the Ford Fusion because we liked the silhouette of the car. The shape is still a very classic sedan shape but the guts of the car is the next step to using alternative fuel resources. We didn't want to make too many changes to the actual cars shape. Instead we decided to take the essence of the car and just make it out of higher quality materials. 

Just for added visuals lookbook pics from our collections:

#ChiefAndGods #WeAreMany 

Contact info:

Twitter: @Chief_And_Gods  or @youthful313 (Personal)



email: [email protected]


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