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Chicken Scrawlings: Food, Fun & Life


I have been blogging at Chicken Scrawlings for over 10 years now. The blog itself has seen many facelifts and about two years ago, I brought it under the umbrella of my website JLOH Communications when I started my company offering a suite of Marketing services specialising in strategic adaptation of global campaigns for the Asia Pacific market, particular in the area of Social Media across English and Chinese platforms.

The blog then lost its voice and identity as it started as a labour of love and visual online diary and it felt very out of place since it didn't serve as a work portolio or a platform for case studies. Traffic fell since it's relaunch and has been sluggish and inconsistent. It hit a plateau with plenty of bugs that was left unfixed by my former web designer that ceased communication without finish the job.

I plan to revive it by giving it back its own voice and home. Here it is!


  • I want to develop my writing and RE-DISCOVER my voice 
  • Connect with a community and like minded people
  • Eventually monetise with the blog content
  • Share personal stories and learnings and hopefully provide a resource for others so they don't have to reinvent the wheel
  • Become a reliable resource and authority for food, places and cultural activities to do in Macau where I live
  • Eventually automate income with downloadable city guides
  • Maintain this as a creative outlet
  • Hopefully inspire other people to travel more, eat often and venture out to explore

Audience Demographics

  • 70% Female 30% Male
  • Approximately 20-50 years old
  • Professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, housewives, trailing spouses
  • Financially very comfortable with disposable income
  • Well educated

Audience Psychographics

  • Independent, fun, well travelled, creative and open minded
  • Love food & wine, cooking, photography and travel
  • Living/lived abroad
  • Internet Savvy
  • Always connected via mobile or tablet device
  • Active on social media networks
  • Trendsetter or connected to the latest trends in lifestyle, travel

What the audience look like:





Sophie is an creative executive in her mid 30s, well travelled and digs both luxury travel courtesy of business trips as well as the ocassional splurge. She's also into adventure trips to connect to local culture and life. She's active on social media networks, never missing a beat to document great moments with a great snap. She works long hours, on the go, but also enjoys time off quality time off connecting with her friends and family. She shops in indie design stores, switches between her Freitag messenger bag and Stella McCartney Fellabella bag and chooses Smart Casual as her dress code. 

Chicken Scrawlings is a food and travel blog chronicling life in Macau, as wife of a chef with content that spans eating out and cooking (recipes) to daily routines and living the life as a trialing spouse. The blog aims to provide interesting value added content to fellow foodies and people planning trips to Macau as well as other trailing spouses navigating the transient life and making the best of it

Why are we doing this?

  • Value added information (purpose #2)
  • Sharing  experiences to inspire (purpose #3)
  • Contributing to community of food and travel in Asia  (purpose #4)

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, we plan to: 

  • Increase traffic by 5-10% month on month (goal #1)
  • Monetise content with increased traffic (goal #2)
  • Sell downloadable pdf city guides for a modest fee (goal #3)


  • Blog to get its own home by January 2015
  • Launch the Chinese version of the blog first quarter of 2015
  • I want to increase my blog traffic by 10% each month for the next 12 months.
  • More editorial inquiries and assignments on Macau as I continue to establish authority in the field
  • Launch city guides pdf in English by first quarter of 2015 and Chinese city guides by second quarter of 2015
  • Successfully monetise the blog via traffic and ads placement by end of 2015

Content Pillars

  1. Living in Macau and things to do
  2. Eating out restaurants reviews
  3. Travel - new places and spaces  
  4. Inspirational self reflective Posts - personal stories

Storing my Library

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Time Capsule

Publication Channels

Publication Frequency

  • 2-3times a week
  • A list of recommendations once a forthnight
  • Friday: Weekend recommendation posts for activities to do in Macau or Hong Kong


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