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Chicken Lake Ballet - Second Act

   Added sample project to my class Chicken Lake Ballet - Act II. You absolutely must to see it on facebook, because it is a cyclic animation. And it is gorgeous! Real classic ballet! 

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What a class it is without the Sample project. So I made the Sample project. In this project, I wanted to see myself and show to you how our animals will look dancing on stage. In the next phase we can make our animals go around the Christmas tree.  


 As you know, dear friends, from the first of January this year Skilshare evaluates the work of teachers in a new way - not by the number of attracted new subscribers, but by the total time of watching your educational videos. And this means that in our videos must be even more show! So I decided to start a new series of video lessons, in which will be even more funny cartoons, more music and dances. We are going to study animation in After Effects, and at the same time create our own cartoon show! You all will be participants of our show – created by you training animated clips we’ll include in our final cartoon ballet. And as we start our project in the year a rooster, I decided to name it a Chicken Lake, with some claim on classic. And so, we offer you the first lesson from our new series of video lessons on animation in Adobe After Effects: Chicken Lake Ballet - First Act. In this lesson we will take a look at the program interface and teach a chicken to perform the simplest movements.

  Link to our new class

   Are you ready for the New Year? I think we absolutely must make a New Year concert. With songs, jokes and dancing chickens. I have already done something. Please visit my class “Animation in After Effects - Musical project” where you can download the model chickens and rooster. So you too can take part. Let's have a contest for the best dancing chicken.

   New episode every week! Well, almost every week, to be honest ... ))) Don’t forget visit our class “New Adventures of Winnie-The-Pooh: Animation Project” where you’ll get unique opportunity to participate in the creation of cartoon about the new adventures of Winnie The Pooh and his friends. Together with the teacher you will go through all the stages of the creation of animated film from simple models to quite complex scenes, and eventually learn to make your own cartoons. 

And so, dear friends, the amazing adventures of Winnie the Pooh continues! I added to my class new video with the continuation of our cartoon. It's just amazing, my friends - the ordinary walk through the fairy tale forest turns into a dangerous clash with tanks, helicopters and formidable military robots! Let me remind you that you too can take part in the creation of our cartoon. Send us your suggestions for the script, your characters and even whole ready scenes for our cartoon.

   Let's do cartoons together! Animation will save the world! 

  Here is the link to my class 

 I made a special class where we’ll apply in practice knowledge that you received in our previous lessons, and will together with you create a cartoon about the new adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends. Scenes with funny adventures of forest dwellers will alternate with lessons about how these scenes were made. I hope we’ll gather whole animation team, and will make really interesting cartoons. We will write the script, draw characters and voice them, and of course make animation. So if you have the desire to take part in all this - welcome to our team! Link to the class:

   By the way, we are in dire need of actors to voice our characters: all the characters speaking with a heavy Russian accent, you will agree it is a bit strange. Therefore, if you have the desire to voice one of the characters, write to us. We will be glad to see you in our team.

  Here is a link to a class where we make our cartoons:


     Our own animation studio

     In this class, I'll try “gaming technique” training – to transform study into an exciting game.

     It is simply amazing how many dedicated and talented people gathered at Skillshare - I propose to use these talents to create our own Skillshare Animation Studio. Let us all together make cartoons about what we're doing on Skillshare and how wonderful it is - to live each day learning something new.  Сlick on this link to see my new class in wich we will create our own animation studio:


   You can also view our musical project Musical Project

   I added new musicians to class project


   Vasya the drummer


   This is my first tutorial made especially for Skillshare. To be more precise – I’ve got here another class, but it's just my early lessons made a long time ago for YouTube. In my classes I use animated characters who tell about how to work in Adobe After Effects and other programs. I think this is the best way of presenting information, especially for young students. But not just for the young. If you want to try to use cartoon characters to create your own lessons - write to me. I'll try to help you with creation of your own character, and maybe even we will do some lesson together. And now I ask you to see the results of my labors. Here's a link to my class.


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