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Chickadee Picnic

Update: 6/24/13 FINISHED! :)

Here's the link to my Chickadee Picnic design on Spoonflower:

Update: 6/23/13

And, I think I might be done!

I added a few more elements to the picnic scene, along with a third chickadee. It took me awhile to set up the repeats properly, and it took some trial and error to get everything lined up properly on my repeat tile. The videos about setting up the repeats were enormously helpful. I made a swatch of my final tile, and it was so exciting to see it turn into a repeated pattern.

I haven't uploaded it to Spponflower yet, because I may look at it tomorrow and decide it needs some tweaking, but for now it's done, and I'm so happy with the results. This class has been a great learning tool, thank you, MaJo! :)

Repeat Tile

Pattern Repeats

Picnic Motif Detail


Update: 6/22/13

I'm continuing to work on the elements in my motif - I still have more picnic foods to draw and maybe a third chickadee - and I decided on a color palette to try and keep things unified.

The tree elements were frustrating me. I really want a kind of elegance to the design, and that just didn't seem to be happening. I was also having a hard time fitting the picnic scene in so that it didn't look like it was just floating amongst the trees.
Then I saw the Ogee tutorial in the Resources and I fell in love! So I've scrapped the tree idea for now, and I'm trying out Ogee repeats, and I think I really like this direction for the design.

Pattern Repeat Test:



Detail of Picnic Motif and Color Palette:

Update: 6/21/13

I started working on my motifs, and put together a test sample of how the repeat would look. Now that I see it together, I'm not sure if the vertical tree stripes will look good - it might be too busy. So I'm also trying out an alternative design, with the trees forming a pattern of diamond shapes.




I'm a bit late getting my project started, so hopefully I can catch up!

My original idea was to do a series of different bicycles with picnic baskets on them, but then I saw that someone else had almost the exact same idea, so I decided to come up with something different.
My next idea was for a forest picnic scene, with the trees in the background as a continuous design, so that from a distance they will look like stripes.

I want the artwork to be mostly solid shapes and color without outlines, so I'm planning to draw them with paths, instead of livetracing my sketches.

Update: 6/26/13

I had so much fun with the picnic pattern design, I wanted to also enter the following week's contest - Horses! 

I decided to create a design based on Hungarian folk art. I found some references and inspiration on Pinterest, drew some sketches of the motifs, and chose a panoramic photo of Budapest to base my color palette on.

And I've redrawn my motifs in Illustrator and now I'm trying out color and pattern ideas. I'm thinking of doing a border repeat along the bottom edge of the fabric, instead of an all over pattern - sort of like this:




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