Keely Galgano

Strategist at VCU Brandcenter




Logo Iteration 1: 

Logo Iteration 2:


Here are my sketches. They're rough, as I can't draw for anything. But I promise I am better with computer graphics! For the bottom one, I had the thought as I look at the picture now to have the "H" emulate both iconic Chicago skyscrapers: the Sears Tower and the smaller John Hancock building. So a slight edit there. On the top left I'm going for the duality of city vs. the lake, and the top right incorporates a police badge (Chicago police are a HUGE deal, especially on the southside where I'm from) as well as elements of the Chicago flag.


In the midst of finals at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I may have overcommitted to Skillshare classes! That being said, I do want to get started with this and perhaps use it as a break from papers and studying. 

I chose Chicago over Ann Arbor as I love my homecity and it features a ton of great imagery. 

I immediately thought of iconic images such as the Chicago Theatre marquee, the skyline over Lake Michigan, Wrigley Field, and the Chicago flag. 

I want to stay away from associations with the "2nd City" and "Windy City" as I feel these are overused and not necessarily indicative of the city. 

I'm going to work on some sketches and initial logos this afternoon, but here's some of the imagery I hope to work from! 



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