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Judith Mayer

Illustrator, Lettering Artist, Designer




Thumbnails: I thought I wanted a script for my word, so I tried handwriting it repeatedly. 

But I DON'T want it to look similar to the band Chicago's logo, here is their script logo. 

Rough Sketches: For larger sketching I chose the backward-leaning, bottom-heavy thumbnail to work with. And tried iterations of a few letters using tracing paper. Martina's process pushed me to try more variations without constantly erasing. Great way to work.

Final Pencil Sketch: I chose this one to refine and vectorize. I liked how the stress on the bottom of the letters created a wave shape, and Chicago is very much about Lake Michigan. Also I have not done a backward italic. Which I think gives this guy a laid back look.  

Now on to vectors! WIll post when I am done. 

UPDATE: It took a lot longer to vectorize this than I had imagined. So many details, and trying to get every curve correct. I tried adding the thin embellishment lines around the edges as Martina did in hers, but because of the thin lines in my letterforms, it looked odd. So I left it simple. The colorways I tried were based on the distinctive green color of the Chicago River, and the pale blue stripe and red stars of the Chicago flag. I added the actual 4 stars of the flag like ornaments.

I think it came out OK, but I need more practice on the digital end of things. 


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