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Chicago: The Windy City

This is the original art I'm working with.  I'm finding it to be a bit of a challenge right off the bat, as the image is pretty low-res, so when I work to build on top of it I am guessing a lot of the finer details - especially the water.  I'm working to get the basic shapes down first, though.  I think I'll go back and watch videos 3 and 4 again before moving on.  The pen tool is great, but I think I could be doing more with shapes.  

Some concerns about including the vintage-y color gradients later on, but maybe we'll cover that?? If not, I'll definitely be looking for some help.  

Current progress as of 7 March 14:

Update: 19 March 2014... I guess this means I have to watch the next videos now and get to work on color, texture, and type.

Update: 31 March 2014.  Finally got to the typeface lesson.  The fonts I fount aren't exact, but they're quite close, and I'm happy enough with them.  I also spent a good deal of time playing with colors and gradients to get the colors a little more in-line with the original. There are a few details to work out yet, and then it's on to texture!

Update: 1 April 2014.  Figured out a few remaining issues and played around with texture.  


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