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Chicago Surveillance

     I chose to do my project on Chicago, where I live.  I was trying to figure out what aspect of the city I loved the most but ultimately ended up settling on something not so positive and that most people don't immediately associate with Chicago.  The city has the one of the world's largest interconnected surveillance systems in the world.  Municipal and private security cameras and listening devices have been integrated into a comprehensive monitoring system that blankets the downtown area and is rapidly expanding into the city neighborhoods.  This system is monitored by police at a control center where all the cameras and other equipment is accessible by an assortment of law-enforcement agencies both public and private.  This electronic monitoring system has grown alongside an ever more militarized police force that can wield vast power against the citizens who organize to demand answers from those in power.

While orverarching (and constitutionally questionable) surveilance is not unique to Chicago it does seem to be leading the U.S. in what has become a troubling and little-discussed trend towards the elimination of privacy.  I love Chicago and this project really is meant to draw attention to something I think the citizens have had little say in deciding on while getting poor information on the details and costs.

Here's some images and sketches from the initial stages.

Here is the purely Illustrator rendering of my design without any texture added besides artistic brush strokes.

PS textures added.


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