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Chicago Life

So what every person from South Florida does is goto Chicago in middle of winter for vacation! Well this class played out perfectly for my trip to "Chiberia." Here we go....

1. Street Portrait

So I just got my Tamron 70-200mm and got to put it to the test. It allowed me to stay at a distance and blend in to grab alot of street portraits while people had no idea. This shot caught my eye as the Trump Tower was in the distance and this man was waiting for an oncoming pedestrian to pass by.

2. Look Up

No matter where you go in Chicago, the architecture is gorgeous. I was torn from so many look up shots but this is the one I went with. Another thing there seems to be tons of planes always flying overhead and almost easy to get them in shots!

3. Motion

This was by far the most fun. So my trip to Chicago had no plans. Went to meet up with a couple IG'ers that turned into about 20 people. We found this old chair on a garage roof at the meet up. It turned into a photoshoot prop. We dragged this thing from the garage, to an alley, to in front of the Chicago theater, and then finally down to the CTA Blue line! What a fun night and this is one of the many shots from that amazing night!

4. Night Photography from one of the above categories

I went with a candid portrait at night. Hanging out at the Ledge during sunset is such a beautiful, amazing view. Also the perfect photo op for random portraits of people! From the gorgeous reflections off the glass, to the people that do random poses for their photos is entertaining. This by far is one of the best photo spots in Chicago, tourist or not!

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy!


Instagram @witness_x 

p.s. I got a killer Rookery staircase shot on my feed!


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