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Chicago 2015


Hi! My name is Abby and I'm 16 years old and go by the name abby_sheahan on Instagram/Twitter. I'm a beginner but I took a few Photography classes in school and really enjoyed them. I thought I would share these photos on here to get feedback and to learn more about photography. I didn't have all the exact photo styles the project asked for but this is what I have. Let me know what you guys think! I took these photos a few weeks ago staying the weekend in Downtown Chicago with my family. Even though I live in Chicago, and have for my entire life, every time I go downtown, it's always a different experience for me. There's always something new I discover that fascinates me. Whether it be the people, the architecture, the weather, etc. Chicago has so much to see and experience while walking the city streets. 

I took this photo outside of a Starbucks by the corner of Adams & State. It was bright and early in Chicago and it was just beginning to snow. I was really interested in the Art from across the street and took this photo. 

This photo was taken outside of Thalia Hall in Pilsen and I was just in awe of the beautiful 1890's architecture of the building. Both the outside and inside of the building is beautiful! 


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