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Chiaroscuro - Windflowers

1/17/14 - Hi's a little sketch of an idea for the class piece.  Trying to keep it loose and focus more on values.  I've been wanting to get some more contrast in my work for awhile now, so I'm hoping this process will help push me.  It's at a pretty early stage, but critiques are definitely welcome :)

1/19/14 - Sooo, just kidding...I decided to go with the chick below to submit for a show coming up quick.  I'm not sure if I'm pushing the chiaroscuro far enough though.  I'm pretty sure I want to go darker with the background.  I should have the rest of the composition pieced together soon (this is a partial sketch I'm hoping to transfer).  Critique away...I need to wrap this girl up pretty quick!

2/20/14 -Here's how it turned out...

So...epic fail on the chiaroscuro!!  There is so little contrast in the final project, it's almost a little funny.  I used pastel and colored pencils for this project.  I'm not sure why I have such a tough time with obscuring areas and pushing the dramatic lighting to emphasize certain parts, but I'm going to start all over and I'm determined to make it happen ; ) 

2/21/14 - Here's a new sketch...

Feedback welcome!  Thanks

2/28/14 - A progress pic (just started on the color)...

Here's how she turned out...

I only used colored pencils this time around, which helped to keep me from lightening any areas up later.  This class and process has taught me quite a bit that I'm sure I'll use moving forward with my art.  Hope to see more from you all and thanks for the insight Marco!


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