Susan O'Connor

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Chez Lemay, the San Francisco drag queen

He runs a vintage store in the Mission. It's full of wigs and fake eyelashes and cocktail dresses and posters of Honey Boo Boo.

He can tell you the stories behind the vintage clothes he sells - like the dresses worn by the Japanese woman who married an American soldier in the 1940s and started a new life in the US, or the costumes worn by Madeline who was a cabaret girl in Paris in the 50s

He's weathered the multiple dot-bomb recessions and seen his neighborhood transform

He holds an architecture degree.

He appeared (in drag) on Project Runway, Season 5, and had to wear a horrible dress. Bah

He's about to start his own talk show. He'll use his front window as his set, like Good Morning America


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