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Chewtoy, Me, and More



Blind Contour Self Portraits

For each self portrait I started at different points and changed the area of focus. I like the drawing speak to where my attention was placed.


Yard Stick Drawing

The everyday object I used was my dog's squeeky blowfish toy. Trying to apply dimension by chaning the line weight was a challenge. I used an angled marker and it was hard to see on what edge it was on at any given point. A nice extra was the nice shape of the shadow.


Chunky Media Drawing

The shape and shadows were done in watercolor. Once that dried I went over and added pattern and texture with a red crayon. Carried over the shadow cause I fell in love with it during the yard stick exercise.



Subtractive Drawing

This piece was done using a soft willow charcoal stick and a kneaded eraser. My eraser was on the dry side so I couldn't capture as much detail as I wanted so I focused on the shapes that were created by sharp contrasts of the light and shadows.



Tactile Drawing

I thought this plant would have enough texture for an interesting product but once I started I realized the texture while it looked rough was quite smooth because the grooves and ridges were very small. My fingertips could not discern what my eyes saw that's why it looks so much like an elephant's foot.


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