Chevlure - Boutique Hair Care

Chevlure is an ecommerce platform for boutique/independent natural hair care companies. The Natural Hair Care Market is worth 684 Million Dollars and is growing (literally)

Audience: Consumers - Discerning women and men who seek to support independent and small yet effective hair care companies. 

The Problem: At one point there was virtually nothing on the market for natural hair care. Gels, Shampoos and even conditioners were laced with hair damaging ingredients like Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Parabens etc. As a consequence there are now several independent, women-owned, black-owned, boutique, mom and pop, kitchen beautician products on the market right now. Since hair is uniquely different between most consumers, an extensive sampling period must happen for one to establish which regimen works for them, because there is no "be all" line of products for the natural hair care consumer. We've also  noticed (and this could be to economic resources) the limited availabilty of these valuble natural boutique products. These products are often high in quality because they are not as massed produced. A consumer (specifically one that is new to natural hair care) has to now aggregate the vast amount of blogs and information available and discover these products. Its a time commitment.

Their Goal: They want convenience and ease and modern business practices. They want to support small businesses and local ecosystems. They they want access and convenience.

How we can help: We can scour the earth, and the web, for small hair product companies and connect them with the consumer. In the same way GoodEggs.com does with local growers and food makers. We can create products searchable by hair type, hair shaft thickness and hair issues (dryness, dandruff, damage from chemicals/heat/undercare. We can present this in a clean, sexy, commentable ecommerce platform. We can also include content from influencers in the hair blogging community.


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