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Liselotte Erich

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Chestnut cupcakes

I really would like to enter in this competition because it is such a great opportunity. So I'm creating time to make a lovely small fabric collection based on the style Bonnie is teaching us (Bonnie your video with the strong quotes is inpiring and encouraging, thank you). This is a small paragraph to introduce my theme:

It's starting to get colder, some days it rains and my sketches in the basket of my bike get wet. Some days the sun shines bright and warms my skin. It reflects on the beautiful colours of the trees. They have so many different colours, such a delight to look at and see them change every day as I cycle to school, to work. It's my favourite time of the year and I think a lot about when I was little and my family would go out into to woods to look for chestnuts. We would walk through the thick layer of golden brown leaves to look for the spiky husks, we poke them with the tip of our boots and see if we are lucky to find shiny big chestnuts. A little squirrel will dribble high up in the tree to hide his beechnuts in a secret place. At home it's time for my tradition to welcome Autumn, I'm baking Chestnut cupcakes. When I finish baking and put the frosting on top we sit around the fire and eat them whilst we sip our cinnamon tea and the rain softly tinkles the window.

I would like one of the patterns to be typographic so I was having a play with ink.


In these thumbnails I'm thinking about my main print with a medium scale, my secondary prints and my blenders. I'm thinking about the directions of the print and how to tell my story without adding too many elements. The first thumbnail would be my main fabric, bigger scale and it will be inspired by leaves on the forest ground with chestnuts popping out here and there, resembling the treasure hunt for chestnuts. Second thumbnail chestnut cupcakes and tea, a scattered multiple direction pattern. Third, two direction print with squirrel, almost a bit ornamental. Fourth a blend print with little beechnuts, multidirectional. Fifth my typographical print, multi directional. Sixth, leaves 2 directional. Next time I'll post my sketches and my moodboard, but I'm starting to know the direction I'm heading.


And my moodboard,


More sketches,


My color palet,


My collection,


Mock ups,





Thank you Bonnie for doing this contest, it's a great motivator to make time to learn this new skill..


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