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Mike Ketrow

President of Readington Auto & Tire



Chess Expressions En Passant

Chess Expressions En Passant is about chess players emotional expressions while playing chess. En Passant is a French word meaning, in passing. In chess it means to capture a pawn En passant. Chess is a creative form of art while capturing those emotional expressions and deepest thoughts as one glimps at the game of chess. A beautiful story is being told to you in that one split second glimps in passing, even without saying a word.

So we search the internet to capture that one split second expression that will tell us their deepest emotions and thoughts of the chess game. It's a game and it's art. So let your mind be free and creative. Look at each photo and see if you can feel and read their emotional expressions of thoughts in passing onto you. So tell us your story that you see in the game of chess En passant.


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