Chesho Webcomic

Chesho Webcomic - student project

Original Design/Descriptions:

Chesho Webcomic - image 1 - student project

As much as I like the designs it took way too long and felt very hard to get everything looking correct. So I went back and did some simplifying to make it easier on myself later. 


Redone Character Sketches:

*MILD Profanity Warning*

*MILD Cartoon Violence Warning*


Chesho Webcomic - image 2 - student project

Originally I had wanted to make him from an old RP that my friends and I had where I was undead, but I might scrap it and just make him human.


New Design/Descriptions:

Chesho Webcomic - image 3 - student project

I kept things like the haircut, the hoodie, and the boots. But I turned around the triangle nose to match the side-view. It just seemed more consistent. I also made the limbs REALLY skinny and the hands/head/feet bigger. The face is also a simpler rectangular-ish shape. 


Character Model Sheet:

Chesho Webcomic - image 4 - student project