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Cherry Key Photography + Sarah's Cafe

I recently bought an espresso maker, quite possibly one of the best purchases I've ever made considering I haven't gotten coffee from Starbucks once since. I keep it at work and I've been teased that I was starting a side business, to which my (quite natural) response was to come up with a logo. I'd seen the Hipster Logo Design Guide on Pinterest and it had what I have to assume was the opposite of the author's intended effect on me; I looked at it and thought "Hey, that looks like a good formula to me!" Considering all it's going to be doing is gracing a little sign on my desk I'm quite pleased with how it turned out overall.


So, I have at least made an effort to move forward. I know I should try to stretch the text to really fit the shape, but it's just not as easy as it seems in the videos when I try to do it!


I do realize that my sketches are neither particularly creative nor well executed, but I had close to a 60 hour week at work and I'm kind of drained at this point. Anyway, I want to create a logo for my blog and hopefully one day photography business. Any ideas or feedback greatly appreciated!!


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