Cherelle Jacobs

Daft & Dewy-Eyed



Cherelle - Fauxlligraphy

This is my first Skillshare class and it's really interesting and cool! I've wanted to learn calligraphy for a while, so this is a nice step into that world. 

This is my first attempt at my name after practicing some letters for a bit. I need to figure out a better way to connect my "h" and "r" to my "e"s, and make my "e"s more consistent, that was the hardest part for me. I'll do so more research and practice the entire alphabet a few times, then mess with it again. Right now it looks like it reads "Chezelle" to me haha. 


This is take two, I think it works better than the first. I'm going to keep practicing until I have the hang of it, then I may try to embellish it a bit. 


Practice of the letters in my name:


Here's my final project. After much practice and studying some modern calligraphy alphabets I finally got some better consistency with my letters, they all look like they go together. I kept it all lowercase because I was having a lot of trouble fitting the capital "C" in to my liking. I still need to work on other aspects as well. Overall, I like it a lot and am excited to keep practicing and learning! :)



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