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Chelsea's first League Championship...60th Anniversary

Details & Final Presentation 5/6

As per the feedback I received, I decided to see what it would look like to deemphasize Chelsea's current crest and fully showcasing the older crest.  I did that by having the older crest on both the shorts and the uniform.  I moved the current crest below the collar on the back of the jersey.

I also tried to stay true to the Adidas spirit, and included their trademark 3 stripes.  I consciously tried to find as visually creative a way to display them.  I often feel that Adidas throws it onto a kit, not for creative purposes, but just because it’s brand.

Details & Final Presentation 4/26

I went with the second of my 2 designs.  I added the Chelsea crest, the Samsung, and Adidas logos in their normal places.  I decided to  color the kit number and player name in black, to keep the continuity with the socks and shorts.  I outlined them in white, so they wouldn't clash with the fabric color.

I added 3 subtle pieces to the jersey.  On the inside collar, is Chelsea's nickname, "The Blues."  On the backside of the collar, I wrote '54-'55, which was the year of Chelsea's first League championship.  In fashion of Nike printing graphics into the fabric, I added the years 1954 and 1955 in roman numerals.

Design & Iteration 4/24

My initial though was to create a new modern look for the USA nationa lteam, but I did so before class started (thats's why the first few comments may not make sense.)  I decided, for my official class project, I would honor the 60th anniversary of Chelsea's first English League title.

While the '54-'55 kit had a few different unique elements (3 different colors on the socks, collared jersey), there wasn't a whole lot to go on.  My first design was fair reserved.  I didn't just want a plain blue top and white bottoms.  I decided to color the sleeves and v under the collar blue.  I left the rest of the tops and bottoms plain.  I felt it was imperative that I replicate the sock stripes.

I then decided to add a bit more color for option number 2.  I went with an out of the box 2 tone torso area.  I also added stripes to the side of the shorts to add some color, and add a second black element to the kit.  I think i like this option better than my first, and have a few interesting ideas for the 3rd portion of this project.

Inspiration/Mood board 4/19

For my project, I've decide to honor the 60th anniversary of Chelsea wininng their first league championship.  Below are a few refrence photos from that years team.

A team photo of the Chelsea's 54-55 championship team

A Chelsea's Badge during the 50's

This is Chelsea's home kit from the 54-55 season.

This is Chelsea's away kit from the 54-55 season.


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