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Chelan Beauty

On a family vacation to Central Washington I was up at sunrise because my son hasn't figured out how to sleep past 5:30 am. Not wanting to keep my wife up in our tiny hotel room I took him for a drive. He eventually fell alseep which allowed me to drive around looking for interesting things to take pictures of. This area of Washington is known for apples. I was able to find an old portrait on the side of a building. 


Using Retouch the first thing I did was remove the wire running to the upper right corner of the building. I then went into SKRWT and straightened out the image as the building sloped down to the left.


My first picture I went into Snapseed. I didn't want to do much more then bring out the natural colors that my iPhone camera can't capture. I feel like this is a good representation of what my eyes really saw.

Tune Image: Ambiance= 20. Contrast=16. Saturation=19. Shadowns=28

Details: Structure=14. Sharpening=14


This picture was all done in VSCOcam. I wanted the picture to look like it was taken 30 years ago and had been sitting in someones garage. I used the P5 filter to start. Once I had picked my filter I added a fade, tint, saturation, exposure, temperature, highlights and shadows. The only thing I reduced was contrast.


I'm a sucker for black and white photos. This pic was edited using VSCOcam. I set this up with a filter, played with the image and saved. I then went back and put another filter over the saved image and this is the end result. I can not remember which filters were used for this.


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