Chef Scavenger

Chef Scavenger - student project

Chef Scavenger - image 1 - student project



I like pieces that are made up of incredibly simple shapes and lines, and yet still has a touch of funky style to it.

I think my 2 styles are ones with blocky shapes and also the simplified hand drawn look.  I think the hand drawn look makes artwork more simplistic and natural.  It’s not an exact copy of something but perhaps an interpretation with personality. 



Chef Scavenger - image 2 - student project


I like Bright bold contrast of colours as part of a minimal colour palette,  I feel it make artwork full of life and grabs attention immediately.

I do also like pieces with complimentary colours that work well together. 



Chef Scavenger - image 3 - student project


I feel texture really brings a piece to life, it gives it an extra dimension to any artwork and adds distinction and definition. 



I think this was a very worthwhile exercise, I have realized there is a lot of texture is the work I like.  Also I think I like 2 different types of style.

This exercise really made me think about colour.