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Nicole Rusk

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Chef Guy

Hello! :D

For this project, I'm looking for something to expand my portfolio a bit, and right now I am severely lacking in male character designs -- in comes mystery chef man! I've got some scribble idea going for now, but just want to pick a few to do action poses of (choosing is always the hard part!). I'm not entirely sure what kind of chef this guy will be...I kind of want to avoid the big burly chef stereotype, but those big round shapes are just so appealing!

So here's the set of action poses. They're mostly guys from the first row, plus the little plump guy in the bottom right. So far, my favorites of these are the guy running with the cake and the little guy using the stool~

I decided to go with the cake guy -- the action just felt really fun to play with. Here's the process I went through refining the shapes, and the final rough sketch:

And here are the next sketch steps. 

Finally the end of the sketching! I'm pretty excited to move on to color :)

Some colors and first lighting pass! This is the tricky part lol

The end!

So I didn't save a middle step with just the shading and less details, but here's the finished piece I've ended up on! :3


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