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Chef Career Levels, Industrial Design Movement Objects or Vintage Vending Machines

Here are some of my ideas. Any thoughts on which I should go for? I do have an old site I created called Discoverchefs.com, as well as, another FoodandDrinkJobs.com which I am redesigning. The chefs could be the start to some badges / icons for a section dedicated to career paths in the Food and Beverage Industry. It may be overwhelming for me to do.

The other ideas are:

  • Specific objects from Industrial Design Movements such as a Radio, Lamp or Furniture. 
  • Vintage Vending Machines.

Maybe I can combine the second two. 


I decided on chef badges for the different Chef De Partie positions.

Concept 1:  Primary cooked food,  utensil and chef type. Maybe have chef knives similar to skull and cross bones.

Concept 2:  Primary raw ingredient in their natural environment such as a chicken on the farm, fish in the ocean, etc... Not sure if this will work come to think of it.

Here is where I am at with the badges. I don't work on color until after I have done the graphics, so that I don't get hung up on making decisions. I am experimenting with the chef's hat being the badge, but I am not sure if it will work. Lots to do.


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