Chef BoyarJCee?

Note to self: save your project! Finished writting up my project, opened a new tab, went back and POOF, gone. I swear I didn't shed a tear (I shed a tear). Here we go againnnnn...

WEEK 1 - What's your brand?


Well this isn't overwhelming or anything! Man, a lot of freakin talent up in here! 

Hi guys,

My name is Ashley, I'm 28 and I live just south of Boston. I've been working full time as the in-house graphic designer at a financial research company (blah I know, but I've had some real cool opportunities). It's been a great fit for me for the past 5 years, but has held my creative side back a bit which is why I started doing some freelance work (mainly logos and invitations). Recently I was hired as the designer for a T-shirt company and since I'm a bit out of the loop (yanno, working with bar and pie charts all day), and stumbled upon Chris's class, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to LEARN and grow. I've been a fan of Johnny Cupcakes for years and think the brand is super solid.

Portraiture has always been my passion as an artist. My portraits tend to be pretty serious in nature (unlike me... ehhh ok I can be sometimes). Below are a few samples.

Chef BoyarJCee? - image 1 - student project

What does this have to do with the project? So funny you should ask!


My T-shirt will be a Johnny Cupcakes portrait. I'm going to go a bit out of my 'serious' portrature comfort zone and imitate (what I'm finding to be) one of Johnny's signature expressions <:-O

Chef BoyarJCee? - image 2 - student project

Sticking with the food theme, I'm going to make him the cute little chef that he is (t-shirt chef?):

Chef BoyarJCee? - image 3 - student project

The only fairly similar work of my own that I can compare this to is this AWFUL self portrait I did about 7 or 8 years ago (or was it more recently and I just don't want you guys to think I'm the WORST): 

Chef BoyarJCee? - image 4 - student project

Still brainstorming the content of my shirt. Perhaps he just got caught MOWWING a cupcake and has frosting all over his face? I will have to experiment in the drawing phase. I'm wondering if I should throw some text in there, maybe some catchy phrase... or maybe not, I do like simplicity in design. I'm getting really pumped about this, especially to get some constructive feedback from such a talented group!


This Johnny Cupcakes graphic portrait will be quite the challenge as I've never attempted a style like JC's brand. 

Chef BoyarJCee? - image 5 - student project