Cheesy meatballs

Cheesy meatballs - student project

Cheesy meatballs - image 1 - student project

Made the basic meatballs with 1lb of ground beef, added 2 slices of pepper jack cheese (chopped to half inch squares) in addition to the ricotta and used mixed Italian seasoning.

Sauce was made with

1 medium onion
4 large roma tomatoes (instead of tomato paste)
3 cloves garlic
half bag of Trader Joe's Southern greens blend (I love green leafy veggies)

Served over linguini.

Meatballs were nice and moist, and the pepper jack gives nice pockets of cheese in meatballs. Meatballs were tasty but a little too rich for me, next time I'll add a smaller dollop of ricotta and make smaller balls. Sauce was great.