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Cheers!: Toast your way into being the life of the party.

Everyone has attempted to give an important toast at some point. We get emotional, open our mouths and...what comes out is not always what we expected or wanted.

This class will lead your way into building an exciting and eloquent toast, be it a funny one or one that drives your audience to tears. Since toasts are short (they better be, we want to get drinking), it will be easy to upload your project as a home-made video (with a drink of your choice).

We will use theatrical and literary skills to achieve best results. Those who want to be even more dramatic will be able to use props too. However, our main material will be words. Beautiful, moving words. Rhythm will be another big concern, but we’ll get to that.

Grab your favorite bottle of wine (or sparkling water, I don’t mean to push anyone out of their sobriety) and join me in this (hopefully fun) exercise.


Since 2015 is coming to an end, a lot of us go into “reflexive mode” and start to ruminate through our past year and wonder where 2016 will take us. This is the perfect excuse to toast away –need I talk about New Year’s Eve parties– so we’ll make a project out of it.

Your final goal will be to post a short video (2 min. max.) toasting to the end of 2015 and expressing your wishes for 2016. You can direct it to the skillshare community or tell us who you imagine to be talking to.

I will share with you some previous steps you can follow to gain some methodological grip on how to develop your toast. You can post those previous steps too and get feedback.


Drink a few sips and get ready for bringing us to tears in 3, 2, 1…

Class video outline:


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