Cheering up a slightly sad phrase | Skillshare Projects

Cheering up a slightly sad phrase

Hi guys, 

I've been learning about lettering and calligraphy for a while now, and look forward to giving some movement to my letters!

When I was searching for a phrase to use in this project – always the worst part of lettering, in my opinion – this funny/sad phrase came into my head and I thought it would be a fun one to work with. 

This is the phrase I'm talking about:

'Good night fears and insecurities, see ya tomorrow!' 

I wanted to get this done quickly (so I could get to the animation part faster!), so I used a brush pen to create the lettering. I like how the texture of the brush makes the project look messy and laid-back. 

This is the final lettering and the image I'll be using:


Here is the final animation! I loved the class and look forward to learning more advanced animation techniques. :)



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