Checkin' Tone with My Phone.

Checkin' Tone with My Phone. - student project

I am so guilty of muddying all my colors because I just love ALL THE COLORS!

I have been controlling myself with limited palettes, but I was recently given some new watercolor tubes, and I had to try all the colors.

Checking tone will be helpful going forward for selecting palettes with good tonal range. I have been experimenting with more unrealistic color in my work and being able to discern the tone is helpful when picking which colors will represent which values.

So I was painting this mountain, going for a drippy thing. I checked the tone (and deleted the image, of course) and it looked pretty good. The sky could use some variation, and I could up the contrast on the mountains themselves.

Checkin' Tone with My Phone. - image 1 - student project

I checked the tone again as I got closer to finishing. Much closer to what I was hoping for.

Checkin' Tone with My Phone. - image 2 - student project

And my finished piece. The sky might be a little distracting from the mountains. I didn't plan this painting. It was just part of my color study practice.

Checkin' Tone with My Phone. - image 3 - student project

I'll definitely be using this in my painting. It seems like it was the perfect next time to build on all the color studies I have been doing lately. Thanks for another really helpful class, Jen!

Stefanie D'Angelo
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