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Lisa Lin

Intensely inquisitive product designer



Check Yourself App

I named my app "Check Yourself" as a play on words with both the checkmark and the checkered background pattern, as well as hinting at a slight bit of attitude/humor. I wanted the colors to be calming, so I chose a blue-to-purple gradient.

I didn't alter the checkmark icon shape because I like its clean and simple look.

The UI design compilation below shows only slight deviation from the wireframes provided; the most noticable change was in the "Edit View" of moving the "Delete To-Do" area lower so that opening the "Due By" date panel (also shown below) wouldn't cause an overlap.


Here are the microstates. I made the "Edit" option color purple to match the background of the Edit view above. Green is used for special momentary states that will transition to a static state (i.e. the "New" and "Done" visuals). 


Feedback on any part of the design is VERY welcome!


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