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Tanya Felsheim

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Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

So, I  have no goache paints yet (except for white) and didn't want to try it in watercolor without the beauty of the opaque paints....

but wanted to at least learn some steps from one of my fav teachers Peggy I cheated and followed along doing the work in Illustrator.

Will have to say its much less fun especially trying to do the in fill at the end (figured out later should have done it opposite from the way I was oh well..)

Created some into brushes and then used to make the final product more symmetrical, some was just with the blob brush. Used all of Peggy's own coloring ideas etc until I can get in and do my own ideas.

Thanks for the class Peggy promise to revisit it when I have spent more money (always doing that!) 




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