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Chausiku-Kya: African "Colonized" Sorceress

Hey Guys!

My week was extremely busy and it wasn't until yesterday nigth that I was able to start looking into the project and what I wanted to do.  I tend to get into a subject or character very fast and end up creating a brief that slowly evolves as I draw.  Once I finish the drawing, I realize that I've even given a name to the character.

In this case, I started with two words "Caribbean Witch."  I've seldom drawn characters with African features and I thought this would be a great moment to try it out. 

After I downloaded the brush pack, I realized that there is a lot more you can do with Photoshop brushes than I knew.  A few years back, I switched to Corel Painter for illustration purposes and had used Photoshop only for photomanipulation and graphic design stuff.  Anyways, I worked on a few shapes exploring different brushes and sized and that lead to this.

I tried different types of brushes and different sizes.  Slowly, my character evolved into a more purely African, and not so Caribbean idea.   (The attempt at headdress shapes was what lead me there)

I realized that I had forgotten to activate Shape Dynamics and then decided to take the best 5 shapes here and kinda work on them a second tiem to define the overall silhouette better.  As I was working on this second "set" of thumbnails, I realized that my "robe" forms where turning more into victorian dresses and decided to go for the idea of an African Sorceress that has been transported to a European country and attempted to make "civilized," much like Pocahontas on that second Disney movie no one really liked. 

These where the results.

I'm probably going to do a second set of 5 thumbnails in the next couple of days before I choose a shape for the next unit. 

All Critique is Welcome!! 


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