Chaudnathan Noël

Father, Founder



Chaud Lapin ©

Name: Jonathan Noël aka Chaudnathan™

City: Montréal, Québec.

Brand: Chaud Lapin ©

Slogan: W*rk Hard $) F*ck Hard™


Chaud: [Shõ] (adj)  (Mean "Hot" [hät])
1. Gives a sensation of warmth, which has a high temperature.
2. Ardent, passionate, bright, vigorous.

Lapin: [Lah-pañ] (noun) (Mean "Rabbit" [ˈrabit])
1. Very prolific mammal that lives in the wild.
2. Cunning man, brave and very focused on sex.

It's not simply a hat company, neither selling tee-shirts for surviving and paying bills, 

Chaud Lapin ©

is my dream, my goal in life.

The vibe behind Chaud Lapin © is simple; a state of mind, way of living, enjoying life each single day! working harder day by day, surviving night by night!

Selling hats from my car trunk, meeting people every day, it's a not job, it's a dream!

By doing what you love you are protecting what you are. |


Mocked up logo:


Collaboration with Chaud Lapin | Sexwear x Nokturn (Montréal Dj)

Copyright © 2013 Chaud Lapin | Sexwear ®. All right reserved.


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