Misty Bourlart

Life is but a rough draft



Chateau de Brouillon

( shah-toh duh Broo yohn )

Château de Brouillon is a family run business with a rough idea of our final goal.

One day we would like to open a bed and breakfast in rural Belgium with a focus on encouraging local tourism and support of the local artisans.

We're starting small, one step at a time.

We've begun with a bilingual (French and English) blog where I can share tutorials, recipes, and ideas which help us towards our goal.

This year saw the opening of an Etsy shop where I sell supplies for our tutorials as well as vintage needlework supplies which I search for at local flea markets and antique stores.

We're working on turning our spare bedroom into a B&B quality guest room and we're constantly trying to find ways to make our home feel more inviting and hospitable.

We're learning about everything which is involved with setting up a B&B here in Belgium and we're trying to dip our toes in the water as much as time and money allow.

For now, the blog and Etsy shop focus on homemade basics for the kitchen (try our Sea Salted Caramel recipe, it's almost failproof!) and bobbin lace though there's a smattering of woodworking, decorating, and homemaking tips throughout. I have plans to start producing a line of patterns for bobbin lace, embroidery, and machine knitting. I also have a couple of books in the works, one about the history of bobbin lace and the other about little known Belgian treasures.

I, Misty, am the passionately creative one behind the blog and shop. My husband is the rational logician who helps keep me focused. The children are in charge of taste-testing my recipes and giving me their often brutally honest opinions on the objects I create.

Château de Brouillon is one family's attempt to realize our common dream and you are warmly invited to join us on the journey !


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