Chasing Unicorns (aka Making Exercise a Part of My Daily Life)

It's easy for me to make goals and start things. But it's also very easy for me to find excuses to stop things. That's why I titled my project Chasing Unicorns because it often feels like reaching my goals is tantamount to such.

My fitness journey started back in May of last year. I had taken a long look at some unflattering photos of myself and took stock of the various issues that I was seeing a doctor/being medicated for. I decided enough was enough. Some people are healthy at a larger size; I am apparently not one of them. I joined up Fitocracy to make me enthusiastic about fitness and a separate site to keep a food journal. I try not to make losing weight the end all and be all goal of my journey; it's more about feeling good and being healthy again.

Well, as things always do, my journey fell apart...but miraculously only somewhat this time.

It's 6 months later and I'm still writing down what I eat every day. I do it without thinking about it.

I had stopped exercising on a regular basis after 4 months. Just a spate of illnesses and a long vacation, and I had fallen out of the routine. And I have yet to get back into it.

I don't like not exercising.

But I'm still really good at finding reasons to avoid it.

I'm hoping I'll do better on my second try.

Current Goals:

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes 5x a week
  • Maintain this exercise routine on a consistent basis (no rest breaks due to travel!)
  • Incorporate a strength training program into my weekly routine
  • Improve my running times
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits

Side Goals:

  • Run a 5k by March
  • Run a 10k by July
  • Run a Half by December

Project Update 1:

Well, I didn't exercise much at all last week. Certainly not consistently at any rate. I've brought out my Don't Break the Chain dry erase board calendar now. That was very effective last time I wanted to start a habit, so I'm now working towards filling in Xs daily.

Nutrition-wise, I'm starting to make an effort towards eating more fruits and veggies. I took a blood test last week and saw the results today, so I know exactly what I need to start eating more of and what to start eating less of. I've also scheduled an appointment with a dietician, so that we can refine my nutrition goals a little more.


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