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Esther Van der Drift

Fashion & Beauty Illustrator



Chase your dreams

In this project I will be creating an image for Instagram. I love incorporating little gold accents into my illustration and photography work, but I haven't experimented with typography much. But I'm also really nitpicky about what I post online so the end result will have to match with my established brand aesthetic. 

Here are my basic foil experiments and a glitter texture. I actually applied the basic foil to the glitter to achieve some more depth in the color.


Colored foil and glitter aren't really my thing. I'm more of a silver & gold person. But I did have a little fun experimenting with a 'glitter brush' to make my text feel a little more organic.


I chose the quote "don't follow your dreams, chase them". I like this quote because some people wait their whole life for their dreams to magically come true. And if you dream small, who knows, maybe you'll get lucky without even trying. For most of us though, making our dreams come true takes hard work. It takes showing up every day and failing more times than we can count, but always getting up again. We have to chase our dreams.

The emphasis of my quote is on 'follow'  and 'chase', with the latter being more important than the former. I played around with some ideas in the sketches below.


In the end I decided to use the 4th sketch. I liked the idea of adding some dynamic movement to my image.


EDIT: I made another version with a colored background photo. Which one do you guys prefer?


EDIT 2: Found another gorgeous image on Unsplash which goes really well with my quote ♥



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