Charms blowpop take 1- ACTION!

As and industrial designer by profession, I get to be creative everyday.  Somehow or another that creativity has never lended itself to toy design.  I have always had an enfatuation with designer toys ever since i learned about the movement some 10 years ago or so.  Im looking forward to seeing what I along with others come up with.

UPDATE!!!! here is the start of the Holy Cannoli line of lovely pastry body builders.  a quick photoshop i threw together to give the look im going after.  ill dive head into a sketch shortly.

For my mood board, I kind of just took some things that popped in my mind.  I admit, there was some behind the scenes pairing going on-its just how my mind works.  But after looking at my board, i can see a few areas I thing would make for an interesting toy.  I guess we'll see

here are my pairing boards...i think ive got a few ideas i can go off of, any thoughts???

Haven't even began watching the 2nd set of vieos yet but I doodled this on the back of my notepad while I was bored at work.  First pass at Pooh Strongman-and yes thats honey flavored whey protein he's holding


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