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Anna Day

Calligrapher & Designer



Charming Quirks

Practice strokes:


Practice alphabets and some words::


Practice swashes and flourishes:


My phrase 'charming quirks' comes from the title The Charming Quirks of Others, a book by Alexander McCall Smith, one of my favourite authors. His books are humorous and humane. Here are several alternatives based closely on the fonts I studied above:


I like the second one best, but I want to change the flourishes, the backhand 'n', and the serifs at the bottom of some of the letters in 'QUIRKS'.


I am satisfied with changes to the 'n' and the flourishes, but not with the 'Q' and 'R'. I now notice that the style of the 'S' associates it too much with the flourishes and not enough with the other letters in 'QUIRKS'. My final version:


Brush lettering has lots of charming quirks. I have attempted to make 'charming' charming and 'QUIRKS' quirky, and to ensure the two words fit together as a unit.

I have digitzed this phrase for Andrea's Digitizing Type without Losing Texture tutorial. You can see it there with some revisions and enhanced with photographs.


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